Many women have unplanned pregnancies. We enjoy helping you become aware of the many options available. Then, you make the final decisions. All of our services are free to birth parents.

What are my choices?

Choosing adoptive parents

We provide birth parents with a discussion guide to assist them in choosing an adoptive family for their child. Birth parents can choose a loving, approved and waiting family to help them complete their adoption plan. Birth parents can view adoptive family profiles online. Click on Find a Family to view their profiles. We have many other families that are not listed online. Contact us below or call our office so we can provide you with their profiles which include information and photos of each family. We love to provide choices for birth parents who are seeking an adoptive family for their child.

Open adoptions

We love the wide range of open adoption. Most of our adoptions are what we call "semi-open" adoptions. The flow of a semi-open adoption is typically like this: the birth parents choose the adoptive parents from a set of profiles. Sometime during the pregnancy, the birth parents will meet with the adoptive parents they have chosen. The birth parents and adoptive parents are together at the hospital and they all will interact with the baby. The baby goes home from the hospital with the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents send pictures and e-mails to the birth parents. If additional contact is desired, this is agreed upon before placement. This type of adoption seems to benefit both parties involved and is usually a "win-win" experience for everyone.

Closed adoptions

Adoptions that are "closed" assure complete confidentiality for the birth parents as well as the adoptive parents. Closed adoptions are at the request of the birth parents. We will ask the birth parents what their desires are for the type of adoptive parents they would like their child to have. Adopt!inc. can choose the adoptive parents in a closed adoption.

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