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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello! We are honored and pleased that you are taking the time to review our story! Although you may be feeling unsure and scared, we believe you are courageous in your intent to make an adoption plan. Ben and I have waited long and anxiously with a promise to care for and adore a child. From our first date 12 years ago, we discussed our dreams of parenthood, and that has never left us.

We (Ben and Mary Ella) have known each other since 2nd grade. We share mutual life experiences and the same circle of childhood friends. As fate would have it, we never dated while in school. We reconnected again in our twenties, fell in love, had a very short engagement and have been happily married now for 11 years.

We attempted natural conception and in-vitro for nearly 10 years, both unsuccessful. We are now dedicated to adoption. We believe that we have so much to give... love, joy, experiences, beliefs, and opportunity. We live in a rural community in Eastern KY, in a comfortable home that rests between 2 mountains, with a small creek that runs adjacent to the property. Our extended family all live very near and we interact with them daily.

Mary Ella (Ellie) is a dentist. She attended under graduate studies at Alice Lloyd College, where she played collegiate softball and competitively ran cross country. She attended Dental School at the University of Kentucky. She returned to her homeplace upon graduation where she would soon reconnect with Ben.

Ben is a KY State Trooper. After high school Ben worked as a laborer with his father’s construction company, and next as a heavy equipment operator for a coal company. He then joined the sheriff's department. He would attend the police academy at Richmond, KY and then later the KY State Police Academy in Frankfort, KY. Upon completion he was assigned to Morehead, KY when he and Ellie would reconnect.

Ben's interests include riding motorcycles (or anything with an engine), basketball, travel, and civic service. He enjoys watching UK Basketball and the NBA. His work has given him access to behind the scene events which include sporting, civic and political events. Ben is really proud of his civic contributions which include co-founding Camp Promise, an annual 4 day, 3 night camp for at-risk youth. The camp introduces the 12-17 year olds to a variety of occupation and skill sets, as well as offering emotional support to help build esteem and interest for the most productive life. Ben was recognized for his contributions in 2009 when he was awarded the title of Hazard, Perry County Young Man of the Year!

Ellie's interests include travel, history, classic movies, shopping, and spending time with nieces and nephews. Ellie is required to complete annual continuing education courses to maintain her license and chooses locations that are tourist destinations. This allows her and Ben to continue to check off sites from their destination bucket list. They visit sites with ruins, coliseums, pyramids and monuments. She enjoys shopping, visiting college open houses and athletic events with her nieces and nephews. Ellie also donates her time as a Dentist participating in local RAM (Remote Area Medical) mission events to provide medical and dental care to the domestic non and underinsured.

We have a group of childhood friends and couples that we take annual vacations with to celebrate milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and even good health. We feel is it important to surround ourselves with people who have common goals, morals and especially healthy relationships. Many of our friends have children. We really enjoy getting to celebrate in their joy.

Both of us intend to take temporary leave from work once the child arrives. We’ll cherish this special time! Ellie’s mom, who lives next door, will provide child care when we return to work. If you so desire, we intend to share occasional letters and pictures with you throughout the child’s life. This will provide insight to the child’s experiences, milestone and joy. We want you to continue to be confident in the choice you will have made!

I (Ellie) want you to know that Ben is the bravest, most generous, loving man I know. I know I am completely safe in his care. He would never allow any harm or danger into our home. He is very capable of defending those that he loves. He is also very witty and charming. Everyone is drawn to him at a party. He is a great storyteller and a jokester. His friends will tell you he is also a devoted, loyal friend.

I (Ben) want you to know that Ellie is a very caring, fair, and honest person. She cares a great deal for her family, patients and animals. She gets a great deal of pleasure out of giving. She is truly a person who is perfectly fine with working behind the scene without receiving any recognition. Her friends will tell you that she is fun to be with. I hear them say, "I just love Ellie!" She is beautiful on the inside as well as outside.
We believe that we can provide experiences, beliefs and opportunities to a child that will ensure happiness and stability. We want to share in our travels and celebrations, hoping this will spark a lifelong interest for exploration and learning.

We hope the child gets to see places they dream of and swim in crystal clear waters. We hope he/she will possess a desire to live life to the fullest and seek out experiences as they grow that are rare and awesome. Most importantly, we hope we can teach the child to be appreciative, generous and have a character of honor. We know that we will share laughter, joy and endless love.

Thank you for taking this time to learn our story!

God bless and keep you!

Ellie and Ben

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