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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

First of all, thank you very much for reading our letter and considering us as potential parents for your child. We understand that this process is difficult and emotional for you. We will use this letter as an opportunity to tell you as much as we can about ourselves and our lives.

We are Matt and Ashley Glockner. We live in a tri-level house on a quiet street along with our dog, Amelia, cat, Adam, and backyard chickens. We have a large fenced-in backyard with tall trees that allows plenty of space for the chicken coop, garden, and room for a swingset, playhouse, and more in the future.

We are from the same hometown and went to highschool together, Matt being one year older. We dated in high school and went to prom together, but then went our separate ways for college. It took us nearly ten years after high school to reconnect, but when we did we quickly fell in love. We have been married for over two years now and continue to fall more in love with each other everyday. Unfortunately, for the two years we have been married, we have tried unsuccessfully to have a child. We have stopped fertility treatments and are shifting our focus to welcoming our child through adoption.

Matt works as a software engineer. He has worked for the same company since starting as an intern during college, so it is a very stable job. Ashley is a preschool teacher. When we arenít working, we are both very physically active. Matt plays in basketball and softball leagues and Ashley enjoys running. Ashley loves to read and encourages Matt to read more often. We are also big sports fans, we love UK basketball.

We eat dinner at home almost every night. Ashley enjoys cooking and baking so we always have home-cooked meals. Our relationship works well in that Matt tends to the garden and chicken coop in order to grow some of our own food and Ashley uses it to cook our meals.

We are very close with both of our families. Ashley has some family that lives in our town, as well as some that are at more of a distance, but we see them as often as we can. Mattís family lives just a short drive from us. His immediate family includes his parents, his sister and brother-in-law and our two nephews, and his younger sister who is an adoptee from Guatemala. We feel lucky to have close family members who can relate to our child about adoption.

We are more than ready to have a child join our family. We have so much love to give and are truly at a point in our lives when we are mature and stable and can provide a warm and loving environment for our child to grow and thrive. We know that there is no such thing as perfect parents, but we are determined to do our best.

Warm regards,

Ashley & Matt

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