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Dear Birthmother,

What is love? There are some many definitions of the word love. One being, for the love of it, in consideration of, for the sake of. Another one is a feeling of warm personal attachment or a deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. With this being said, the word grateful comes to mind. These two words go hand and hand. For a person to put someone else first before themselves is an act of compassion, kindness and for some, love. What a gift to have. There is so much in this world we can't control and things in life just happen. I believe that things happen for a reason.

The gift of life you're about to give your child and the gift of life you're about to give me is truly a blessing. I can not say I know what your going through. I can only tell you, thank you for giving me a chance of a life time and giving me the most precious gift one could ever receive. The loss of my husband that I have loved since I was fifteen years old and knowing my chances of having a child of my own was not going to happen was so painful and then I decided to live life to the fullest and try for that family I have always wanted. I want to love and give my child everything I can. I want to teach and guide my child the ways of the world. I want to shop and go to ball games. I want to go camping, skating, go to amusement parks and the zoo. Hopefully one day we can make it to Disney World. It won't be easy but I will never give up.

For you to give me the chance to do all these things would be a dream come true for me and my family. I promise to love and take great care of your child. I will be sure to tell him or her how much they were loved and what a precious gift they are to us all.

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