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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Angie and JL. Angie is a Supervisor at a local company with a Bachelorís Degree in Business Management. JL is the Owner/Operator of a Wrecker Service handed down from his father. We are just two ordinary people with an extraordinary dream. We want to parent the baby boy that God has willed us to adopt.

JL and I had our dream wedding three years ago. We were together three years prior to that. We have a strong marriage in which our love is evident to all who see us together. Our marriage is founded in Christ. We pray for one another and support each other in the trials and tribulations of life. JL and I want more than anything to raise a child together. We canít wait to share our lives with our new bundle of joy. JL and I love each other more than words could ever explain just as we will our child!

We are a blended family. Morgan is JL's daughter from a previous marriage. We are both very, very proud of Morgan. Morgan is in her Junior year of college with plans to be an Occupational Therapist. She was a member of two cheer teams who each won international championships. She is working on her gymnastics certification so she can assist in teaching. Morgan was raised in church. Christian values are deeply seeded in who she is and how she leads her life.

We bought our beautiful home two years ago and have been busy making it our own. Our house is in the country situated on 5 acres about 10 minutes from town. Cows are our closest neighbors. We have plenty of space for a child and already have all the items necessary for our nursery.

Angie's mom is making arrangements to stay Monday through Friday in our home to help care for our new addition while we are at work. JL works first shift and Angie works second so there will only be three to four hours a day when child care will be needed. We find it important to keep our child care in house with family when at all possible.

We have big dreams for our child. We hope to enroll him in a Christian based academy sponsored by our church. We will instill the power of respect, responsibility, compassion and kindness in our child. We will show our child what a happy healthy marriage looks like and prepare him for a fruitful adulthood. We will show our child love above all else.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us through our profile. I'm sure that you will find we would make a wonderful family for your precious baby. Thank you for making dreams come true with your courageous choices for your child.

God Bless,
Angie & JL

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