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Dear Birth Parent(s),

Thank you so much for considering our profile! We have a deep love of children and have always wanted to adopt even before we were married. We have been married for 8 years with the hopes that we would have many children in our lives; however, we unfortunately found out that we have infertility issues. Over the course of four years, we attempted IVF three times and were successful only once. We were able to conceive one child on the second attempt at IVF which resulted in our wonderful 2-year-old son, Thomas. Our son is currently an only child and would love to have a little brother or sister with whom to share his childhood.

We live on a farm in a rural area not too far from a small city where Tom is an engineer and Emily is a part-time administrative assistant. We love to hike, garden, and travel. We take pride in our summer-time garden and work in it as a family to grow and preserve our food. We both love to cook and try out new recipes. We have done a lot of traveling during our marriage, including Europe, Central America, and South America.

Emily grew up in Argentina, South America where her parents are missionaries. She has been a wonderful mother to our son and would love nothing more than to add another child to our home and love. Tom grew up in rural Kentucky with his extended family all living nearby; when we add another child to our family, this child will be welcomed with open arms into a happy, stable network of grandparents, aunts, and uncles. We also have a Westie dog who loves kids and is gentle with Thomas when he plays with her. Emily is committed to becoming a stay-at-home mom in order to dedicate all of her time toward raising our children; we both have already committed a significant portion of our time to teaching and guiding Thomas through life.

We both have very good relationships with our families and they all fully support us in our decision to adopt. Our good relationships with our families will ensure that our children will grow up in a stable environment. We and our families are Christians and attend church regularly. We are confident that another child will have a rich and full childhood with us, filled with the same life experiences that we have shared, both abroad and at home on the farm. We are determined to provide our children with a very good education and we will encourage them to get college educations and study abroad. We will always provide them with everything they need and show them how to work for the things they want.

We promise to be open with our children about adoption. We want our adopted children to know where they came from and that they are loved. We will be truthful and respectful of their stories.

Thank you for reading our profile. We appreciate your considering us as potential parents in your adoption plan!

Tom & Emily

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